Detalhes, Ficção e Daniel Homem de Carvalho

Whereas an emerging elite of young, well-educated professionals indulge in amenities of modern society, child labor, illiteracy and subhuman housing conditions still exist even in regions blessed by economic growth and huge foreign investments such as São Paulo or Rio.

Motel is the local term for a "sex hotel". There's pelo social stigma per se in staying in one, but the room service and rates are geared to adults staying for a few hours with utmost discretion and privacy.

На­по­ле­о­нов­ские вой­ны вы­ве­ли из рав­но­ве­сия всю сис­те­му ме­ж­ду­народных от­но­ше­ний. Они на­нес­ли удар и по пра­вив­шей в Пор­ту­га­лии ди­на­стии Бра­ган­са, дав­но свя­зав­шей свою судь­бу с Ве­ли­ко­бри­та­ни­ей (см.

Eles foram incorporados à medida de que este clube tenta desenvolver "novos fluxos por geraçãeste de recursos" e se tornar uma "referência dentro e fora do campo".

The right signal is the same signal to indicate that you're going to stop on the side of the road, so it means you're going to slow down. On the other hand the left signal is the same signal to indicate you're going to pass the car ahead, meaning you're going to speed up.

Making a fist with your thumb between the index and middle finger, known as the figa, is a sign of good or bad luck depending on the region.

Mostly you have to go to the bus station to buy a ticket, although most major bus companies make reservations and sell tickets by internet with the requirement that you pick up your ticket sometime in advance. In a few cities you can also buy a ticket on the phone and have it delivered to your hotel for an extra charge of some 3-5 reais. Some companies have also adopted the airlines' genius policy of pricing: In a few cases buying early can save you more than 50%.

English is not widely spoken except in some touristy areas. Don't expect bus or taxi drivers to understand English, so it may be a good idea to write down the address you are heading to before getting the cab. In most big and luxurious hotels, it is very likely that the taxi fleet will speak some English.

Главные промышленные залежи железных руд, связанные с докембрийскими итабиритами, расположены в штате Минас-Жерайс в одноимённом железорудном бассейне (наиболее крупные месторождения Итабира, Тимпопеба, Консейсан и др.), в штате Мату-Гросу (Морру-ду-Урукун) и в восточной части штата Пара (Серра-дус-Каражас). Бóльшая часть запасов комплексных руд ниобия, тантала, циркония, РЗЭ приурочена к карбонатитовым комплексам, образующим пояс в юго-восточной части страны, который включает крупные месторождения редкометалльного рудного района Минас-Жерайс (Араша, Тапира и др.

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When Sam Lowry is overwhelmed by the incoming cylinders coming through the pneumatic tubes, he connects the "incoming" pipe to the "outgoing" pipe with a short U-shaped hose.

A brilliant but eccentric scientist begins to transform into a giant man/fly hybrid after one of his experiments goes horribly wrong.

Volleyball - While soccer is the main sport in Brazil, is very normal to find spaces on the beaches where you can play beach volleyball, but this version of the sport possess a different code of rules than indoor volleyball (for example instead of six players, only two players are allowed to play on each team).

OAS, Organization of American States - an association including most countries in the western hemisphere; created in 1948 to promote military and economic and social and cultural cooperation

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